BITCOINLIVE is a Dutch (non-profit) Social Media Platform that aims to educate and enthuse the general public about the many benefits of the emerging fields of blockchain and cryptocurrencies among other exciting things. We also focus on future tech, tech trends in general, as well as their impact on society and culture at large.

We are especially laser-focused on Bitcoin (BTC), which we feel forms the beating heart of this technological (r)evolution. In doing this, we not only hope to spread awareness and adoption, but most of all give people around the world a better understanding of how all these financial, economic, and technological developments might come to affect them on a personal level.

Besides all these we are really excited about the budding cryptoart space! We have had the great pleasure of meeting and interviewing many established and new NFT artists, and have showcased their amazing and often mind-blowing art on our platform. This fits with our general outlook on life and the philosophy we try to promote here, namely that all should benefit, that we ‘learn, earn, and grow’ together, and that we try to spread love, a sense of wonder, and positivity in this uncertain world we live in.

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